April 9, 2010

Starting again!

Hey! I have changed my laptop. Now I have the brand new Acer 4740. It is having the i3 processor 330M, with 1033 MHz FSB (no other model in the market has this much speed as on 16th Mar 2010). I got it with out an OS installed so that I can experiment with the system.

I tried installing Ubuntu 9.10 today and faced a list of peculiar problems which I could solve successfully. These pages, I write to help others in troubleshooting Ubuntu on Acer 4740

  1. Graphics is not compatible with the i3 processor (monitor becomes blank)
    • Troubleshoot by updating the kernel version to the most recent one
    • Change the X11 configuration file from 'vesa' to 'intel'
  2. Empathy doesnt support video chat
    • install latest version of telepathy, the problem is solved if not, try lucview installation
  3. U don't find a standalone application for taking photos from your in-built webcam
    • Say cheese. I mean install this application.
      3. Mic doesnt work
      • Install new version of alsa driver (www.alsa-project.org)
      • while installing alsa driver the installation might stop suddenly showing some error 'patch command not found'
      • just install patch. its done.

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