January 26, 2010

Trying to get away from piracy!

I have finished my PhD now and not doing much work in lab. I thank my boss for not putting any pressure on me regarding lab work. Then what am I doing nowadays? This is the best time for to try and satisfy my long standing wishes- to create website for me, learn linux and computing skills. I have go the tata photon+ connection which is faster than the internet we are provided in the lab. So, I am now completely dependant on it for all the stuff I am doing nowadays!

I shall detail my experience with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala). I have decided that I should not be using any pirated software once I leave India. To make it happen I need to learn the alternatives - Linux OS and the Openoffice! I decided to try Ubuntu which I got from my colleague. I started installing it on my Travelmate (1.5 GHz, 1.25 GB Ram and Peltium M 715 processor). I was impressed with the speed at which it got installed - just 45 min. In this short span (compare it with the windows installation which is almost 1-1.30 hr on a computer with similar configuration) it installed all the softwares necessary for the day to day life. The list of softwares include Openoffice - the potential rival for MSoffice, pdf reader, audio and video players, lot of games, firefox.

I was charmed by the speed and ease of installation that has almost everything. There is a lot to tell about Linux and Ubuntu particularly. I will continue in my next post.